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Shopping furniture and a visit in a showroom is very often a big event in our life. Carefully thought through with endless conversations and precise expectations. Wardrobes or dressers are an integral part in our home. They are always chosen carefully as they create space, affect our comfort and feelings of our guests. We run a real-life furniture store, and we choose furniture with great care. If you desire to change the decor of the apartment, revive it and make it become a new one, meet friends and have fun spending quality time, we will meet these expectations. Find with us how we can make your shopping of furniture a pleasure. In our furniture store at 13 Railway road, Leigh, WN7 4AA you can count on professional advice and friendly service. We make every effort to make customers feel comfortable and choose without a hurry so that they will look great and stay functional.

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The choice of furniture in a wide range of colors is a priority that we constantly take into account when preparing furniture exhibitions. Each model can also be made on individual order, customised to your needs.The furniture we create and display at Unique Home showroom are exclusive and practical. Visit us in our store to take the first step in successful purchase. Shopping should be easy, pleasant and friendly for any pocket. Don’t wait any longer and join a large group of our satisfied customers. Are you afraid of online shopping? If you value your comfort and would like to make your life easier, we would like to inform you that you have just come to the right place. imagine and think how beautiful shopping could be from your own comfy home. Sitting in the living room on sofa with a glass of your favorite wine in hand? No need to stand in traffic, no crowds, no tiring lights and noise in shopping malls with strictly defined opening hours. With us you are welcome at any time of the day or night. Do you fancy shopping 3.00am in the morning? Our doors are always open for you. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a dressed sweatshirt or flannel pajamas in pink hearts or having no makeup.


A furniture showroom is just a building with an exhibition. It’s his employees that decide whether it will become a place of inspiration. Furniture shop Unique Home is proud of the fact that in a dozen or so years we could affect changes in home interiors of England. We have always offered our clients a solutions in line with global trends and proving that quality does not have to be very expensive. Unique Home furniture store is one of the leading suppliers in the United Kingdom. We know that details are crucial for a large part of our customers. We consistently cooperate only with proven furniture manufacturers (e.g. BIK, Wiechetek, and Olejnikowski). They are providing a huge selection of beautiful, functional, tasteful wooden furnitures and more. Unique Home inspire to decorate living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Functionality must go hand in hand with aesthetics therefore we constantly observe changing trends to make sure that our clients are getting best quality . This makes us different on the British market. We believe that sales must be based on something more. We are ahead of the competition with price flexibility, very much a professional approach, openness to the needs of customers and reliable advice. We invite you to our showrooms. Let us help you make your interior look marvelous.

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