How to Choose a Perfect Sofa?

5 Step Guide

Sofa is a big investment and is always the most important one. This is a Quick Guide that will help you successfully choose a perfect Couch to your Living Room.

1. Give it a Test

Usually most sofas have depth of 60 cm – 70 cm. That allows plenty of space to manoeuvre specially if you have longer legs. You can also tuck them under if you’re shorter. Seat depths do vary, so test out different models to make sure you’ll get comfy back support. Seat height mostly differs from 45 cm to 50 cm. There is no right or wrong height and we always recommend to try out different sizes. And last but not least, the total width excluding armrests to make sure you have room to stretch out.

2. Quality Frame

Sofa that can last very long time needs high quality frame. Our advise – spend as much as you can. Before you decide to go ahead with chosen frame make sure to check the warranty. Some companies offers 10 years or life time guarantee because they so sure about their product. Hardwood solid frame is always best option.

3. The Fillings

Sofa is only as good as it’s filling. Highly comfortable cushions are feather filled one, however they need to be looked after regularly. On the other side foam and fibre flatten out over the time. They lose their density and shape. A good and recommended option is to have seats cushions filled with foam or fibre and back cushions filled with feathers.

4. Fabric

Right fit to the scheme is very important. Whether you choose crushed velvet in shiny colour, pattern or something neutral, make sure to look into it carefully as it will have a huge impact on your living space. We recommend to go with synthetic fabric so colours won’t fade for the next few years time, specially in place near window where sofa is exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Also very good to point out is, if you decide to go with fabric it might be worth to look at the the sofa models with removable cushions as they are much easier to clean. Particularly when you have pets.

5. Size

Check  dimensions of doors, stairs and any other objects that might be taking a lot of space in your living room. Make sure to have enough room so it will suit your place perfectly. Sometimes you might have a limited access. It is worth to look at the models with low or removable legs, low-back support and maybe modular set that could be delivered in sections.

All Sofas in the pictures above are available to order in our store or buy online. For custom orders please message us on Facebook @uniquehomereal, Whats App +44 7429059459 or call us on 01942 809 567. You can also send us an email at

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