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BIK started in 1997 as a windows, doors and stairs manufacturer. With over 20 years of experience and presence on the market, company has an impressive number of completed projects. BIK is a pioneer in its industry which was achieved by high quality service and modern construction technology.


BIK implements individual ideas of clients and their designers. Company provides comprehensive services such as measurement, consulting, production and assembly. It is always open to new concepts and trends on the market.


For centuries, wood has been used as a basic building material. BIK uses the highest quality wood in their production which is properly stored and meets humidity standards. It is perfect for modern and classic arrangements. Thanks to its unique grain, it gives character to any interior. It is a natural material that goes well with stone, concrete or glass. It is a luxurious and elegant decoration, so its presence does not require the use of other additives. Wood, after many years of use looks great, unlike any artificial materials, and – what’s more important – it gives you the opportunity to bring back the original look.

What BIK Does

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What Our Customers Say

“Very helpful and fast customer service. She helped me a lot with my questions about the project I am interested in”

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We always use highest quality materials


Not only beautiful but also functional solutions


Lasts for years and generations

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